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There are numerous advantages to using air source heat pumps. The first of these benefits is that these pumps require about ? the electricity that a standard heater requires. This provides both environmental benefits as well as saves you significant amounts of money on utility bills. A second benefit is that the system does not require gas to function and, instead, relies solely on electricity. This makes the system much less dangerous for the user and for the building for which it is used. This system can be used in both heating and cooling of water as well as air. Therefore, the system is both useful during the summer and the winter months. Although the installation of the system is more costly than other systems, the air source heat pump typically pays for itself within a matter of a couple years. The operation costs are much less than the standard system, making it ideal. Air source heat pumps also require little maintenance and typically last for long periods of time. The averageheat pump usually does not require replacement for 20 years of more.

The air source heat pump consists of three primary parts which include the heat exchanger that is responsible for the removal of heat, the compressor that elevates air temperature, and the heating tube or radiator which transfers the heat.



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