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In General, the more effective a pool heater is, the higher its price will be. Will the higher efficiency outweigh the higher original cost? In some cases it possibly will but in others it won't. It is often a good idea to go for a heater which has more capability than you in fact need because there is very little, if any, difference in the total running cost. A larger unit will commonly burn about the equivalent amount of gas to give you the same temperature pool but will do it in less time. Actually, the wear and tear on a bigger heater is usually less than on a small heater but it is doing less work to accomplish the same result.


The maintenance of pool heater


Guarantee is something which you ought to pay attention to also. It is an unfortunate fact of life that technology can fail and the more difficult that technology the more things there are which can get wrong. Some pool heater companies do provide extended warranties at an additional cost which can go some way towards easing any misgivings. Also, a less technological version is customarily offered which is usually referred to as the "millivolt" model. Generally you get the same heater minus the imaginary digital display and push-button control. Rather, there is a easy control knob and an igniter button. Another advantage is this kind does not generally require any mains electricity connection.


One common factor in all pool heater warranties is the stipulation that the pool needs to be kept chemically balanced -- that is, acid, alkali, salt and chlorine levels should be kept within providers recommendations. As almost all pool equipment must be kept with water chemistry within similar levels, anyone who doesn't regularly test and adapt their pool water is asking for trouble, not only from heaters, but also from pumps, cleaners and even pool ladders. Corrosion is the primary problem in a pool and the chemical balance of the water is important. Some pool heaters aren't recommended for use in saltwater pools so ensure the heater you are buying suits your pool chlorination system.


All In All, it is wise to do your research before making your final choice. With the right knowledge and some fundamental mathematics you can work out which heater will suit your pool and what the cost will be. The capability to use your pool more, maybe even year round, ought to justify the cost to setup and run a gas pool heater. Just use a little thought and don't let the terminology get the better of you.