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Heat pumps use similar technology to that employed in domestic refrigerators or freezers, but in reverse. It may not feel like it to us but even on the coldest day or night there is always lots of thermal energy (heat) in the air. An air source heat pump works by extracting low-grade heat from the air outside but where a refrigerator rejects heat from the contents to keep it cool, a heat pump will use it to heat water and provide heating. In most cases this technology can provide all hot water and heating requirements, without the need for top-up from a boiler. However, a boiler could be connected in situations where the unit is not large enough to meet the demand in colder weather.

Air Source Heat Pump Savings on fuel bills can be substantial compared with traditional heating systems. A reduction of CO2 emissions of up to 50% can also be achieved. Air Source Heat Pumps have a CoP (Coefficient of Performance) of 4:1. This means for every unit of energy consumed  you would get a return of 4 usable units of usable energy.

Reduce carbon emissions -  reduce carbon emissions by up to 50% in comparison to a traditional gas or oil boiler. This can be reduced further if the electricity used to power the air source heat pump comes from a renewable energy source e.g. wind turbines or solar PV.

Can be used to provide both heating in winter and cooling in summer, as required.

High return of renewable energy for capital costs compared to other forms of renewable energy.

Ease of installation.

Low maintenance - These units do not require any scheduled annual maintenance like conventional boilers, good quality air source heat pumps should operate for at least 20 years.



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