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Mini-chillers :

- These are usually smaller counter top chillers, mostly for single, or double bottles.
- They will have a preset button for different types , so that they are cooled to the proper temperature, and usually in only a few minutes.

Marble Bucket:

- These are great, and can be bought with your kitchen, or dining room in mind.
- They are easy to place in your freezer, to chill before using.
- They are probably the least expensive of Mini-chillers  that are on the market right now.

Silver Bucket:

- These are the ones you have seen in fancy restaurants, and luxury hotels. They are not common in the home, as they are pretty pricey, however, they have been given as gifts at weddings, and anniversaries. They are often used on those types of occasions as well.
- Not as practical for everyday home use, as they do not go with your standard decor, and because of their price, if damaged, would cost a lot to repair or replace.

As you can see from this glossary of home chiller products, there are quite a few different ones to choose from. And better still, each category is filled with countless unique models. 


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