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Are you looking forward to entertaining friends and family over the festive season? Do you have enough room to store the drinks? Have you thought about looking at the options of Mini-chillers? If you don't want to spend ages searching the internet for ideas read on. Just imagine laying the table without worrying if the wine is at the right temperature. When entertaining the refrigerator is usually packed full leaving very little room for beers, fizzy drinks let alone the wine bottles. With the exception of the wine connoisseur how many of us really know what temperature to serve wine at?

If you are anything like me you just put the white or champagne in the fridge until ready to serve, and the red? Just open it, without giving a thought to where it has been stored or the temperature of the room. With the great selection of wines available from around the world it can be confusing for many people to know the details around temperatures. For instance most people will have heard the expression "Room Temperature" in relation to serving red wine. But if you think about it that will depend on where you are in the world, the time of year and individual central heating/air con thermostats!

The temperature wine is stored at is an important consideration. Even wine just being kept for several weeks can be affected. This is one of the benefits of having a chillers. Another benefit is of course the storage solution, there are a number of different shapes and sizes available and you should be able to find one to suit your space and budget

The following is a guide which will hopefully be useful. Wine is meant to be enjoyed and although some would say only white should be served with fish and red with beef etc. ultimately it is a matter of preference and the individuals taste. With regard to exact temperatures you will find different opinions depending on the source of information but as a general rule the best storage temp for all wine is between 7 - 15 degrees C (45 - 60 F)

Red - Serving a red wine too warm will result in it losing some of it's flavour and aroma. It is better to serve it too cold. The details of temperature can get complicated to the non-connoisseur with some types requiring higher/lower temps than others. For those amongst us that just enjoy a glass or two a guide is to serve no higher than 18 C (65°F).

White - In contrast to Red, White wine is better served too warm than too cold as below 45 °F they lose flavour and aroma. However, you still want to serve white wines chilled to bring out thier flavour. As with red it will depend on the type of wine and personal preference but a guide to serving temp is 10 -13 C (50 - 55 °F).

Champagne and Sparkling wines are best served cooler than white at about 13 C (40°F). There are various different sizes and prices of wine coolers available it's just a matter of finding one to match your price tag.



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