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Geothermal on the other hand can produce electricity 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Simply put, it means digging a very deep bore-hole several kilometers into the Earth's crust, and using heat pumps to circulate cool water from the surface down to the "hot rock" formations below. The effect of this is that the water heat pump then brings this hot energy source to the surface as high pressure steam, which is then used to drive the electric power generator and to feed the power into the electricity grid - continuously 24 hours every day.

After the turbine has been driven by the high pressure steam, this water vapor is condensed and cooled to then be re-circulated back down to the hot rocks in a continuous circuit. And this cycle is never-ending because the temperature of the Earth's inner core re-heats the hot rocks.

There is a significant capital investment required upfront, like there is with all alternative power technologies. But long-term, the running costs are almost nil, and the geothermal heat pump cost is quickly amortized.

If you are considering a: heat pump for your house, it is crucial to find a skillful and experienced expert to define the technical parameters, evaluate the feasibility and define the components to produces the results that you expect on your investment.



Source:  Ground Source Heat Pump , Heat Pump

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