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When it comes to heating and cooling a business, there are many factors to consider in order to make sure that the whole building gets the right amount of heating and cooling. The Water Source Heat Pump is the best pump to use for this scenario because it will eliminate the different temperatures that you will often find in offices or health care buildings. We all have experienced being in a building where one spot may be a lot colder than another spot. This means that the heating and cooling unit is not running efficiently enough to produce a constant basic temperature through the whole space.

The Water Source Heat Pump is a pump that uses water in order to heat and cool, which makes it very environmentally safe as well as very efficient. In order to solve the problem of different temperatures scattered through a building, this heating pump uses a water loop. Because of this loop, this unit can be installed anywhere within the building because it will connect to the water loop that is running throughout the whole building. A cooling tower as well as a boiler is used in order to add and reject heat to this loop through a natural resource such as a pond, lake, well, or the ground.

The different types of buildings that you will see the Water Source Heat Pump used in is schools, hotels, condominiums, apartments, health care facilities, and office buildings of all sizes. This pump uses the same basic application that the geothermal heating pump uses by accessing the earth as its natural resource for heat and air conditioning. There are many different brands of this type of pump, which include McQuay, Amcor, Friedrich, Soleus, GE, Climate Master, Quality Smith, and Trane, which is a very well known and trusted name in this industry.

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