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Water source heat pump uses the Earth's water resources as the storage of solar energy and heat sources, the energy conversion of heating and air conditioning systems. One can use water, including groundwater or river, the surface part of the rivers and lakes, and oceans. Surface soil and water is not only a huge solar collector, collecting 47% of the solar radiation energy, than the human annual use of energy, 500 times more (the ground water through the soil indirect sun's radiant energy), and is a great dynamic energy balance system, the surface of the soil and natural water bodies to receive and maintain the energy balance of the relative divergence. This allows the use of storage in which virtually unlimited solar energy or geothermal energy possible. Therefore, water source heat pump is clean use of a renewable energy technology.

The stand-alone air pump is a less popular choice in terms of hot water heat pumps simply because it tends to go into overdrive mode when the air temperature dips below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. While the stand-alone units can be coupled with another heater to prevent this from happening, it does make it a less desirable option.

Most homeowners opt for the geo-thermal heat pumps since they draw their heat from the ground during winter season and surrounding air during the summer season. They are positioned deep enough at the level where temperature of the earth stays the same, making them more energy efficient. This heater can be coupled with the desuperheater to provide even more efficient year round service.

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