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The benefits of the Ground Source Heat Pump are that you will be able to have access to free hot water instead of spending money on fuel to heat water in a water tank. These units are very safe for any home or building due to the fact that there are no mechanical or electric exposures of the unit to worry about. These units are also very quiet to operate. You can find much more information on various websites on the Internet as well as to view a diagram of how this system actually works and how it is installed.The loops that are installed from the Ground Source Heat Pump are put in three basic ways. They can be vertical, horizontal in the ground, or they can be put into a pond or lake. This installation will solely depend on the property that is available to the home or building using this unit as well as the type of soil that it will be installed into. These plastic piping loops are used to run water or antifreeze through them in order to gather the heat that is created from the earth.

This heat that the Ground Source Heat Pump creates is then circulated back to the building or home that it is connected to. This is the process during the cold months. The process done during the summer months is a basically reversed but there will be an extra piping for discarding heat. The pump will use the loops to pull heat from the home or building and release it out the discharge pipe while sending cooler air back through. The main downfall of this system is that it is very expensive, but it could save you money on your energy bill by up to 50 percent.

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