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All equipment in the room also needs to have the correct humidity level in order to function at it's best. The server room air conditioning will not only control the temperature level, but it will also control the humidity level as well. If the humidity level rises above 55%, damage to the computers can occur. While this may not be a factor in all locations, many areas located around the United States need the humidity control so that malfunctions do not occur. Any moisture that builds up within the equipment due to increased levels of humidity will likely destroy the equipment, making replacement a necessity.Computer cooling is necessary for the overall performance of the computer equipment as well. Servers can run much faster if the temperature and humidity levels are kept at the optimal level. Another benefit to having computer room ac is that the overall cost of operating is much lower because less breakage occurs. While the computer room air conditioning unit may add a substantial cost to running the business, there will be no need to hire technicians to repair the equipment during off hours and downtime due to equipment malfunctions will not occur.

The computer equipment that is typically put to use within a server room is often running all day, every day. The constant running of all equipment generates a substantial amount of heat that needs to be cooled with computer room air conditioning in order to keep the equipment running. If the heat is too intense in the room, more problems can occur, including breakdowns of the computers and servers, as well as slow performance. By keeping the air within the room cool with a computer roomair conditioner, breakdowns are less likely to occur.

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