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In the plastic industry uses these systems to reduce cycle times by injection molding and blow molding which regulates the temperature. The baking industry uses it for chilled mixing. The reason for using chilled water is because it allows for longer mixing times which improves the final quality for any grade of flour.The food industry uses these systems to cool. It can be used as any process such as chocolate manufacturing and vegetable processing. It can also be helpful with meat massagers/injectors and with the manufacturing of confectionary. It is extremely helpful to the pharmaceutical industry because it helps pharmaceutical companies save money by reducing the total manufacturing time, which helps with the cost savings in labor costs. This is important because the heat from emollient vats needs to go somewhere.

What a process chiller is, is a refrigeration that uses halocarbon or ammonia refrigerants to provide cooling. There are different types of process chillers. They are broken down into different groups. The first group is a portable chiller. A portable chiller is a single pump chiller. It can use either a water cooled condenser or air. You can use this to cool one or two machines.The second is a packaged chiller which is a two pump system. One of the pumps is used as the evaporator and the other pump is used for the varying process. It can be supplied with either air cooled or water cooled condensers. But it has no process water flow restrictions. This type of chiller is not expandable as plant cooling load increases.The third is a central chilling system. This type of system is where one or more central chillers are connected to a common two pump tank set. A stand by pump could be added to this system. The last is the central cooling tower system. This system is similar to the central chilling system. Except for instead of chiller it is a tower.

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