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When installing a ground pump, part of the unit is placed beneath the earth's surface, and the controls of the pump are above ground. These types of pumps are constructed with durability in mind, and have minimal components to reduce the amount of maintenance required. The ground pump is a tremendously quiet device as well, making little noise so that the natural environment remains undisturbed and comfortable. Further, since the majority of the device is installed underground, such components are protected from the elements, and the upper half of ground pumps are created in such a way that they do not pose hazards to children, animals, or pets. For families with children and pets, the latter benefit is particularly important.

A ground pump heats water that passes through the device and then returns the heated water to the homeowner's pool. The same water temperature is always maintained after it is heated by a device identified as a heat exchanger. Since the same water temp is delivered continuously, the homeowner derives significant savings in terms of energy. Water is pumped into the underground water pump via noncorrosive piping, or in some instances through a device identified as a ground loop. Since the materials for piping are noncorrosive, this further ensures the longevity of the pump selected.

There are many advantages to be identified in a ground pump investment. Today's consumers are pleased to find that high quality pumps are sold with a product guarantee too. All of the chief components that go into a pump are typically covered. Since the product is liberally covered in terms of a warranty and also gives superb money/energy saving advantages to consumers, ground pumps are more than worth the investment. Finally, these devices are far safer than other pool pump devices: this is probably the best benefit one can derive.

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