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Firstly they are more than a heater. In summer they can also pump cool air through your home. Most other heating solutions spend more than half the year taking up space and being of no use in the summer months. This necessitates the use of a separate air conditioner to provide a cooling function. Heat pumps however are designed to be reversed in summer and effectively remove warm air from the inside to the outside.

As the most energy efficient heating solution heat pumps save money and contribute less to growing environmental problems.
Through the use of advanced filtration systems heat pumps are able to filter air before pumping it inside improving air quality in the home. This is an important advantage for people with allergy or respiratory problems.
They also act as a dehumidifier taking moist cool air from outside and pumping in dry air removing the need for a separate dehumidifier. Their ability to quickly heat a room is second to none. Other heating solutions would struggle to heat a room in the time that a heat pump is capable of.

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