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These are conditioner parts provide the protection to the main parts, such that those will last long, and operate reliably. The list,

1.Filter dryer receiver
Functions to filter small particles from the compressor, remove moisture within the refrigerant, and in some cases, acts as a receiver to supply full liquid column (without bubbles) to the expansion valve.

It is placed before the expansion valve, and after the compressor

What more can I say. Air conditioner filters will prevent dust, and other particles from clogging up the evaporator. Of course, you'll have to clean or replace it periodically

3.Tube insulation
Is the simplest air conditioning part and utilised in refrigerant return line. This part will prevent icing, and condensation on the refrigerant return line.
Essentially, it will keep the refrigerant from evaporator cold, and allow for better cooling of compressor. Additionally, you'll save on utility bills

As the sound deadening air conditioner part, placed at the outlet line of the compressor

Well, to make sure you can transport main sections (condensing unit and evaporating unit) in simple packages, and used to protect sensitive and main air conditioner parts

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