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Part of the technology that allows air conditioners to cool the air involves evaporation of moisture from the air. This can result in moisture collection in the bottom pan of the unit and it may build up over time. If the rear fan used to cool the condensing coils comes in contact with the water pan, some of the moisture will be spun from the fan blades and may cause a sloshing noise. As long as there is no water leakage, a little sloshing is no concern and does not require air conditioner repair.

 If the air conditioner unit has a loud rattle every time it shuts off, you may way to check the compressor mounting pads and brackets. If these become worn or missing, it may cause excess noise when the unit starts up or shuts off. Most often, a loud rattle when starting or stopping is due to normal motion of the powerful motor or may be due to improper or loose installation.
If the air from the air conditioning unit smells musty, this may be an indication that mold is growing on the moisture inside. Water collects in the bottom of the unit and is usually evaporated, but may cause favorable conditions for mold growth. While this problem cannot be prevented, you can dramatically reduce the chance of it occurring by cleaning out the bottom at least once a year. Air conditioner repair technicians will inform you that this helps prevent mold or mildew from growing on dust and debris that can collect. 

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