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Did you know that you can reduce your heating and cooling bills by using natural and sustainable geothermal energy? A water source heat pump is a simple invention that makes it possible.

The water source heat pump is an efficient way of cooling your house off in the summer and warming it up in the winter time. These systems may sound outdated, but they can save you anywhere from 40 to 60 percent off of your heating and cooling bills when used correctly. They can provide a source of natural heat by transferring the natural geothermal heat found in the ground from a warm space to a cool space. This can either go against the natural flow, or it can use the natural flow and augment it in order to increase efficiency.

One of the drawbacks of using a water source heat pump is that ice can often build up on the outer coils during winter time. In order to defrost them you have to put it on the air conditioner setting. The good news is that the cold air from entering your home by using an electric strip to heat up the cold air that is being emitted from the unit. After the ice has been melted it will then automatically go back into heater mode. The air conditioner works by passing refrigerant through the inside coil which is then evaporated in order to create a vapor that absorbs heat and cools off the surrounding air.


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