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Despite what you may have heard elsewhere, size does matter. so how do you know what size of heat pumps your home needs especially if you have never had one before? This is not an easy calculation to make because it requires a heating specialist to determine your home's heating and cooling ability and from there they need to make a match with the different makes and models of heating pumps available to find the best model to fit your home's individual needs.

How much energy your home loses is generally reflected in your high energy bills and will mirror your homes comfort level. For example if you are spending hundreds of dollars every month to keep warm and you never quite achieve that level of comfort your energy loss is probably quite high. This can be the result of a home that was poorly insulated when it was built which is common with older homes or tract homes.

Your home can lose heat through the walls, floor, and ceiling if these areas are poorly insulated. Your home can also loose heat through windows and doors if they are not energy efficient.

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