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Solar power can be used for a wide variety of things from generating free electricity to warming the water you use in your home. A growing segment of homeowners are also using the free heat the sun provides to warm their homes with a solar air heat system. These systems are inexpensive to install and can easily warm any sized home with free and abundant sunlight.

Solar air heat systems have been available for decades and provide a very inexpensive and ecologically responsible way to heat a room or an entire house. They rely on the heat the sun provides everyday for free to directly heat the air entering a room. These solar heat systems are very simple in design and can usually be installed by the homeowner themselves reducing the overall cost of the system.

The basic operation of a solar air heat system involves a series of solar heat collectors that are typically mounted to the roof of the home. These solar heat panels can vary in their construction, but typically provide an open chamber that is exposed to sunlight and allows the air contained within the solar heat collector to be heated. In many of these designs, this chamber is comprised of a series of pipes that snake back and forth within the enclosure. This is to allow a longer path for the air to travel before entering the home, which allows it to gain more heat from the sun on its longer travels. A simple fan assembly is used on some of the larger solar air heating systems to ensure that the warm air is circulated through the home. Other systems use the natural movement of the warmer air to provide the necessary circulation.

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