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While many homes utilize heat pumps, Sussex homeowners rarely understand how the technology keeps their homes warm.  Heat pumps are used on many appliances and are used to either keep things warm or to keep them cold.  In theory heat pump systems are very efficient and use very little energy but if not properly maintained they can become energy guzzlers.  With new technology a variety of heat pumps are now available for residential use and many are very efficient and environmentally friendly.

Sussex homes enjoy the warmth their heat pumps provide but many people never stop and think about all the other places heat pumps can be seen.  Chances are the refrigerator in the kitchen runs on a heat pump.  In that case the heat pump removes heat from the air to keep the refrigerator cool.  That is why the area behind the refrigerator is always warm.  For a home’s heating, the heat pump removes heat from outside air and then circulates it throughout the ductwork of a home.  As natural gas prices have gotten outrageous it is a top benefit that heat pumps rely on electricity saving hundreds in energy bills every year.

Keep Your Heat Pumps in Sussex Running Smoothly.As with an appliance after time heat pumps will need regular maintenance.  Many people are tempted to try and maintain their heat pump themselves but this is not recommended.  Professionally trained technicians, skilled in heat pump maintenance, are the only ones qualified to not only perform yearly cleaning but also inspect for problems.  It is recommended that a heat pump system be cleaned once a year.  Without an annual cleaning the machine will not run efficiently causing the homeowner to see an increase in electricity expenses. 

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