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Trane is a manufacturer of heating, ventilating and air conditioning - or HVAC - equipment. Their products are used in many countries. James Trane began the business in La Crosse, Wisconsin in 1885. Trane heat pumps are one of the many quality products offered today.

A heat pump is a unit that offers heating during the cold months and air conditioning in the hot months. One unit does what used-to require separate heating and AC units. Trane offers four types of efficient pumps. Standard, high, super and ultra efficiency.

Both of the super efficiency heat pumps available from Trane are Energy Star rated. They have an impressive 12 year warranty on the compressor and a 10 year coil and functional parts warranty. Both have an HSPF of up to 9.0. The 14i offers a cooling efficiency of up to 15.25. The XL15i has an - up to - 16.00 SEER rating. A nominal sound level of 74 is found with both units.

Both are Energy Star rated and offer a nominal sound level of seventy-four. A two-staged operation - two compressors in the XL20i and a one compressor-staged function with the XL16i are inside these units. Both have a registered limited warranty of twelve years on the compressors and ten years on the coil and functional parts. Extended warranties are also available.

From ultra efficient to - simply - "efficient", Trane offers many options when looking for a single unit heater/air conditioner. Long term savings on energy costs in a space-saving unit are a couple of reasons for considering Trane heat pumps. A long history of - round-the-world - satisfaction found with the quality and reliability of a Trane makes a look at these single heating and air conditioning units a must.

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