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So either you have bought a new ducted air conditioner or you are about to buy one. Do you know how to run your air conditioner to it's full potential? Do you understand the maintenance required to keep your air conditioner running smoothly for many years. The following article discusses some hints and tips on how to get the best out of your ducted reverse cycle air conditioner.

The main maintenance you need to perform for a reverse cycle (refrigerative) ducted air conditioning system is to clean the filter located in the return air grille. The return air grille is the big grille that sucks the air back into your system and can usually be found in a hallway or wall. 

To clean the filter you must first open the return air grille. Once you have opened this grille, you can either pull the filter out or clean it whilst still in the grille. You can clean it by either a quick vacuum or by washing with warm soapy water. You should clean the filter about once every 3 months. If the system starts to work less efficiently or the return air grille becomes noisy it is also a good sign that the filter needs a clean.

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