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The Mini Universal A/C Remote Control for Air Conditioner is a small practical gadget that will come in handy whenever the old one breaks down or is malfunctioning. Featuring an LCD display, this air conditioner remote control is brand new and durable, and it can control over a hundred different brands of air conditioners. It only needs 2 DC 3V AAA batteries that can last between 6 to 12 months and it has an operable distance of 8 meters. The LCD display shows the temperature, wind strength, operation mode, a regulation display and manual or auto swing directions. It has many functions and great capacity.

CHUNGHOP Universal LCD Remote Control for Air Conditioner is an air conditioner remote control that will not fail to do its job. It can control almost any brand of air conditioners since it has digital automatic code searching function and an operating distance of more than 8 meters. The auto-code searching and low power consumption are great features that will help preserve battery energy and also ease your work of finding the right code. It has a sleek design and an LCD display.

You can also find quality and resistance in Other Universal Multi-Function Air Conditioner Remote Control. It is a universal device that will work with 1000 types of air conditioners. It features a menu in both English and Chinese and it is very easy and convenient to handle. Its operating distance is 8 meters and it has a classic LCD display showing temperature, wind and mode.

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