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Air conditioner repairs aren't cheap - they can easily cost hundreds of dollars. Quite often, the cost of labor is the biggest item on the invoice, if not the only one! Meanwhile, it's easy to significantly reduce or even completely avoid charges for air conditioner repairs. Most people miss this chance because it happens before the technician comes, but you won't miss it again after reading this article.

The idea is to do some leg work for the technician before he comes to your home. When he calls before his visit, pay close attention when he asks you to look at or listen to something. Your observations might let him know exactly what is wrong with your air conditioner. This means that he can either tell you what to do over the phone, or come prepared with the part he needs, saving a second trip. Use your chance over the phone.

You can save big if you listen to that guy on the phone and don't cut any corners when he asks you to do something. Don't worry, he won't ask you to do anything unsafe or difficult. Let's go through a few possible scenarios.

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