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An air conditioner service will setup an appointment to send out one of their EPA Certified technicians to evaluate the air conditioner. Ideally, the company is familiar with the unit because a bi-annual check of this system is scheduled with this homeowner: one  checkup in the fall for the heating system and one checkup in the spring for the air conditioner.

Regular evaluations of the HVAC can prolong the life of the unit. Cleaning the condensing unit coils, a check the amp draw on the compressor, oil the fan motors, checking the belts, systems operating pressures and temperatures and coolant levels are all necessary for the unit to perform at an optimal level. If the Freon level is 10% low the unit will cost 20% around more to run. A technician will note the level is low and look for a possible leak. If one is found, by law a repair must be made before the

Freon is added, as this chemical is a CFC and if one is to release in the atmosphere it will damage Earth ’s ozone layer. A homeowner is responsible for regularly changing filters and keeping the area around the air conditioner clean and the landscape trimmed and under control. But it is the bi-annual checkup that ultimately will extend the life of the unit, so an air conditioner service should be just as vital to the customer as a mechanic is for their car.

When hiring an air conditioner service look for a business that offers a free estimate, product warranties and guarantees, boasts its technicians are EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Certified and NATE (North American Technician Excellent) Certified and has been in business for several years with a good reputation and positive customer testimonials.Maintaining the air conditioner will assure cool days and comfortable nights throughout the summer months.

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