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Cleaning the filter regularly will ultimately increase the performance and longevity of your air conditioning unit. How you run your air conditioning system is also important. Try setting the temperature setting to an average level.

If you put the settings on maximum, it will not make the air conditioner cool/heat any quicker, it will just prevent the unit from cycling off which will cost you more money. When running your air conditioner you should also try to run as little zones as possible. If you run to many zones, it will be costly to run your air conditioner.

Also running fewer zones places less stress on the air conditioning unit which will ultimately increase it's lifespan. Finally, keep the outdoor unit clean and free from obstructions. Wash down the outdoor unit every few months to slow down rust build up. If you adhere to these hints and tips you are sure to get many years of peace and comfort from your reverse cycle air conditioning system.

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