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One of the most significant things you can do to keep your AC in perfect working order is to change the filter on it on a regular basis. Doing this can improve the efficiency of the cooling unit. When the filter is clean it is apt to run less as opposed to more. What this accomplishes is that it provides the device with a longer life and you will therefore get your money’s worth.

You will know that you have been negligent in changing the filter if you see that ice has begun to form on the interior of the evaporator section of the AC. Sometimes this is not always obvious to the human eye. However if you touch the outside of the air conditioner and notice a difference in temperature that was not there before then this is a sign that attention must be paid to the equipment. The compressor can become damaged if this takes place.

Another air conditioner repair that you should be on the lookout for is a fan blower belt that needs to be replaced. If the belt is damaged or has become very slack then it can affect the performance of the air conditioner. It can also lead to low air flow which can reduce the performance of the cooling machine.

If a repair is small and simple to do then you can make it yourself. If on the other hand it is more complex and involved then do not hesitate to call a repair specialist to do the work for you.

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