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You may never pray more fervently that when the cooling system for house is on the fritz. Teetering in limbo between foul air flow that barely keeps you from suffocating or shelling out the bucks for air conditioner repair is a dreadful position.

Because you may not be able to avoid replacing a unit or having major repairs done at some point in your life, there are a few things that you can do to keep those expenses at bay. Extended warranties, home warranties, and service contracts are three ways to out savvy your cooling system.

When you buy a unit new, it will probably come with a warranty, but for a major purchase like this, it is always good to spring for the extended warranty. It is common for companies to sell warranties if five and ten year options. Go for the gold! Some kind of repair will need to be made within ten years of owning the appliance.

Sure, insurance is a gamble, but more than repair costs will be lost. If you're a/c is not cooling, you cannot stay in the home until it is properly repaired, and you should not leave your pets there either. You, your spouse, your kids, and Fido will all have to make accommodations until the service person can get to you. You will be out the cost of repairs, lodging expenses, the conveniences of home, and possible kennel charges.

With an extended warranty, you deal directly with the manufacturing company, and as a customer with a history of good business (and a customer that they would like to continue to see buying extended warranties on future purchases), they will be quicker to get to your needs. Leaving the house for days is not likely to need to happen. If you are buying or building a new house, consider asking the builder for the paper work on all of your appliances so that you can inquire about the purchase of extended warranties.

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