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Is it time to replace your AC? Find out if you're a good candidate for air conditioner installation.

In a tight economy, anyone and everyone is looking for ways to make each dollar count. In terms of air conditioner installation, this often means trying to squeeze every last drop of life out of the existing unit, riding it until it dies. While this certainly avoids (for now) the costs of putting in a new system, it ignores several factors that could be costing even more money. New air conditioners are more efficient than ever, meaning homeowners are missing out on a host of potential benefits by delaying the inevitable. If your air conditioner is working well, then there is certainly no need to go out and purchase a new one. If you feel like you're extending it well past its natural lifespan, however, here are some of the reasons why a new unit may be just what you need.

The U.S. is a consumer-driven economy. While it's good for the individual to save when possible, there's no question that spending is what drives the economy as a whole. That doesn't mean you should ever feel pressured to go out and spend frivolously, of course, but when you have the money to spend on a worthwhile service such as air conditioner installation, it does benefit the surrounding local economy. Making purchases from local businesses does even more, keeping jobs moving and keeping multi-national (if American based) corporations from dominating the marketplace.

On a more personal note, you could be watching hundreds of dollars fly out the window every year if you have an old air conditioning system. Experts estimate that most systems lose up to 5% of their efficiency every year. While air conditioner installation and purchase isn't cheap, it pays off in the long run. Besides, it's not as if the purchase will not have to be made eventually. If you could get away from buying a new system for the rest of your life, there might be an argument to be made for constantly repairing and living with an inefficient machine. But if it's a matter of doing it now or a few years from now, you might as well act quickly and save yourself a couple of years of needlessly high energy bills.

Because the government is highly vested in seeing people become more energy efficient, there are incentives in place for homeowners to make better choices when it comes to the appliances they buy. Purchase an Energy Star rated appliance for your next air conditioner installation and you could be eligible for tax incentives and other breaks, making the financial choice an even stronger one. These incentives won't pay for the whole of the appliance, of course, but they do offer a reason to choose an energy efficient appliance over one that will continue to cause energy usage to soar.

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