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It works by transferring heat from outside air or, as in geothermal heat pumps, from the ground. These systems produce a mild heat that evenly heat the entire building without any hot or cool spots. Though some people may prefer the faster, more intense heat of a traditional oil or gas burner, most would prefer the more even temperature produced by these systems.

Plus, the system needs to be turned off and on less frequently, so you will not experience as many of those uncomfortable hot to cold moments throughout your day. Not to mention the use of traditional forms of energy is greatly reduced, which brings down the total cost of heating your home—sometimes by as much as 30 or 40 percent!

These systems are larger and can cost more than other heating appliances, so many overlook them for just this reason. But this system can save you quite a bit in milder climates such as in Kentucky where even in winter time there is still plenty of heat to be extracted from the air.

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