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   If you have either a plastic sump pump installed in your basement, a do-it-yourself kit, or an inexpensive one installed by a plumber, it’s a matter of time before it fails. Plastic pumps often fail due to mechanical failure, but any sump pump installed directly in a sump pit without a strong, well-built sump liner and a stand will eventually clog the pump due to dirt and debris from the pit that gets in.

   If you install a backup sump pump, you can feel confident that when there’s mechanical failure or the sump pump clogs, you have a second pump to keep the basement dry. Considering the cost of pumping a basement out and the damaged personal possessions you have when a failure and the basement leaks, this is a small investment. Even a battery backup can offer temporary relief from a pump failure until a new primary sump pump can be installed or the existing one is repaired.

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