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  There are two requirements to maintain a hydroponics garden - pH and nutrient concentrations. In order to determine the pH, it is important to have a tool like a pen Bluelab pH. In addition, it is also necessary to make quality submersible pump to keep the water. Read on to learn about the importance of knowledge and control pH levels and how to choose the right pump.

  pH is an important factor because it will assist in the search for nutrients plants can absorb. Unique is that each type of nutrient gets absorbed various concentrations. Perfect pH range for the best absorption of nutrients is 6 to 7 If you Bluelab pH Pen is easier to know that the pH of the solution is.

  In hydroponics, nutrient concentrates are usually acidic, the pH of water is seventh. If the nutrients added to water, the pH will drop. That is, when it is necessary to adjust the pH. The alkaline solution should be added in order to increase this level. On the other hand, it is rarely necessary to lower the pH. With the right tools, such as pen Bluelab pH, it is easier to get the right information about the solutions and make adjustments if needed.

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