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  During a severe storm, when you need your pump working at its full capacity, the power lines can be knocked down, shutting off your drainage system. The water will build up and once the clouds have cleared, you'll be stuck with a pool of water in your basement. The solution is to update your system to include a battery backup in case of such an emergency. Even just a few hours of backup power can ensure your home won't suffer from damage such as mold and rot.

  Even with a backup battery, there is still the chance for sump pump failure for a variety of reasons. Few people venture into their basement to check often enough how well their waterproofing system is working. Before you know it, you could have significant mold development. For further security, an alarm can be hung so that it will let out a siren when the water has risen too high above the well. These systems are easily installed, inexpensive, and well worth the effort. Your pump should also be maintained to protect against mechanical failures. Any obstructions need to be cleared from the drains so the system isn't forced to overwork. Scaly buildup should also be removed. For older systems located in areas of heavy water flow, a backup pump is advisable. The cost of installing a second system will be less expensive than repairing the damage left by a flooded basement.

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