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  Not only am I saving money on the fuel (actually saving more at the pump than I paid for all of the oil, which basically makes the oil free when you do the math), I am also saving on time because the oil changes last up to 1 year or 35,000 miles before I have to get them drained. Not to mention the fact that I am cheating the manufacturers planned obsolescence of my vehicle. By using the 100% fully synthetics, my drive train will now last much longer than what the manufacturer designed it to last for.

  And to think… that’s just for me. Imagine if I owned a company with a fleet of vehicles. How much money would I save then? Our governments could save millions of dollars if they sat down and ran the numbers in spreadsheets to figure out savings over time. That’s millions of dollars of our hard earned tax dollars being saved. Think of all of the police cars and utility vehicles that the governments currently use that could keep going for an extra few years before getting rid of them as long as their engines ran like new (which they typically do when using synthetic oils in the drive trains.) Those long-term benefits and savings are not thought about when using conventional oil.

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