Home Page>Company News>Net pumping is when the warm process vapors are allowed to condense with the cooler liquid ring and the liquid ring guard designed in these pumps helps this process along better than the dry or oil sealed vacuum pumps sold today

  The maximum vacuum level is determined by the physical properties in the sealant. Liquid ring vacuum pumps are designed to enhance the performance of your system.

  This is one of the reasons why they are the best choice when your heating or cooling system requires an extra pumping stage or for ones that need a deep cleaning. One thing that you need to learn as much as you can about is cavitation because it’s part of the process this pump uses. Simply put, cavitation is the term used to describe the formation of vapor bubbles that form on flowing liquid that’s located in the area where the pressure of the liquid within the unit is lower than the vapor pressure. Normally, vacuum pumps work with inertial cavitation. This is when the bubbles within the liquid collapses fast enough to cause a shockwave and it’s an important factor that was taken into consideration when the liquid ring vacuum pump was designed.

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