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  However, as you do this, it is important to factor in your monthly heating and cooling costs on the long-term basis. Doing this, you can then discern how things are going to change with the new system and if this is going to be a worthy investment over time. It is an investment and as such, though the initial costs here may seem a little staggering but if you consider the savings on your utility bill over time, it may not seem as daunting.

  Another consideration is also going to be the size of your home and how much you actually need. There are many different types and your home's size will definitely determine which is best for you and also, the cost involved. Your home's age may also play a factor and if the necessary ductwork is already in place so that less installation is necessary. Usually you will be working with someone who understands all of these factors and who can explain to you the varying things that will change not only the cost, but system itself.

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