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  If your home needs to be kept warm (or cool), heat pumps can get the job done. Just like other systems within your living space, these units need to be taken care of. Most will last you a long time provided that they are maintained properly. When a problem arises, it is always better to address it right away instead of just putting it off until tomorrow.


  How often do you have your oil changed? How many times a year are the tires rotated? Heat pumps require maintenance in order to keep the system running efficiently. While you aren't keeping track of mileage, you should be keeping track by the seasons. Most people have their systems checked at least twice a year. These visits aren't for issues or problems, they are just to check up and see that everything is working properly.

  Keeping cool in the summer and warm in the winter is every homeowner's goal. By scheduling these service visits, you are reducing the chance of needing a repairperson to come out the house in the middle of sweltering or freezing temperatures. There are some problems that can be spotted before things get worse and you may even be able to save yourself an appointment down the road.

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