GAHP Series

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- Application :
Operating range
Heating Capacity: 6KW—18KW
  • Air/water single unit reversible heat pump for heating and cooling individual homes or small offices.
  • It is used for regions with ambient temperature from -5℃ to 43℃.
  • It is designed to be installed outdoor; no special precautions are required for installation space.  


- Features:
  • Reasonable casing design to provide convenience for inspection and maintenance.
  • High efficiency imported compressor with R407C or R410A.
  • High efficiency plate heat exchanger or tube-in-tube heat exchanger.
  • Water flow protection switch.
  • Intelligent design of thermostatic controller for easy operation and clear error displaying.
  • Intelligent defrosting system.
  • Easy to install by simply connecting to water system.
  • Outlet water temperature reaches +60 ℃ .

Advantage :

  • Split design is to put compressor and water side heat exchanger inside the room to keep the water system from freezing and reduce heat loss.
  • Water outlet temperature up to +60℃.
  • Operation from -15℃ to 43℃ outdoor.
  • Weekly programming (comfort or economy mode, DHW cycles, etc...)
  • Can be used as backup for an existing boiler fitted with simultaneous or alternate control.
  • Aesthetic, modern, UV and weather resistant module.
  • Unit supplied charged and ready to install.


- Optional :

  • Stainless steel casing.
  • Domestic hot water tank.
  • Wilo water pump.
  • Wire controller.