CHP Series (Commercial heat pump)

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- Application :
Capacity range:
Heating Capacity: 27KW—140KW
Cooling Capacity: 23KW—100KW


  • It is designed for hotels, shopping centers, office buildings, schools, workshops, entertainment places, etc.
  • It can be connected to all types of terminals (under floor heating,   fan coil, water cassettes or low temperature radiators).
  • It can be installed in a newly built house or as part of a renovation project  boiler backup.
  • It is designed to be installed outdoor,  no special precautions are required for installation space.

Advantage :

  • Water outlet temperature up to +60℃.
  • Operation from -15℃to 43℃ ambient temperature.
  • “V” shape evaporator and vertical air flow design with big capacity blower to reach higher efficiency.
  • Weekly programming (comfort or economy mode, DHW cycles, etc...).
  • Can be used as backup for an existing boiler fitted with simultaneous or alternative control.
  • Aesthetic, modern, UV and weather resistant models.


- Optional :

  • Heat recovery heat exchanger to produce free sanitary hot water.
  • Stainless steel casing.
  • Wilo water pump.
  • Water tank.