Water /Ground source heat pump

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- Application :
Operating range
Heating capacity: 7KW—120KW

- Feature: 

  • It can be connected to all types of terminals (floor heating system, fan coil for cooling, low temperature radiator, water cassettes etc)
  • Compact design, lock door design for easy access.
  • High efficiency imported compressor with refrigerant of R407C or R410A.
  • Water side equiped with AISI316 stainless steel plate heat exchanger or tube-in-tube heat exchanger.
  • COP≥5.0, energy efficient.
  • Intelligent design of thermostatic controller for easy operation and clear error displaying.
  • Built-in Wilo water pump.
  • Imported thermostatic expansion valve.
  • Easy to install by simply connecting to water system.
  • All necessary protections to make sure the unit works safely.
  • Max. outlet water temperature reaches +60℃.



Advantage :

  • Renewable heat source: earth/ground water.
  • Muti-function: sanitary hot water all year round, floor heating, air cooling.
  • Wide application in villas, single buildings below 1000 m2 ,  Used as family central air conditioning for whole family comformable life.
  • Easy operation with humane control panel design.
  • Independent control for individual rooms to save energy.
  • Low running cost compared to conventional air conditioners.



- Optional :

  • Heat recovery heat exchanger to produce free sanitary hot water.
  • Titanium tube-in-tube heat exchanger as option for corrosive water source (like Braine water).
  • Stainless steel casing.
  • Wilo water pump.
  • Water tank.