Modular central air conditioner

- Brief introduction :

Product features:

  • Flexible combination
    Client can choose to buy modules based on the needed cooling/heating capacity or on the investment budget. It is easy to increase the capacity in the future by adding more modules.
  • Reliable operation
    Imported famous brand scroll compressor is used, along with first class assembly parts so that the whole unit is of great performance and reliable operation with service life of 10-15 years. Each module is able to run independently therefore the whole system won't be stopped when some modules are under regular maintenance. No need for back up units.
  • Energy saving and high efficiency
    Intelligent control system can adjust the capacity according to the actual needs of the buildings by turning on/off the running modules to make sure that all running modules are in full capacity. This can save up to 20% energy compared to traditional mechanical adjustment system. The modules with heat recovery function can recover over 30KW heat per hour, which makes the COP up to 6.0.
  • Cooling plus full hot water mode
    If client has big demand for hot water, the cooling circuit can be changed to hot water circuit. In this case, the recovered heat can reach 160 kw. The cooling capacity remains the same.
  • Intelligent central control
    Each module has independent micro-computer board. When modules are connected to one system, the system central control system will take over the control over all modules. The on/off of each module will be programmed by the central control system in sequence. With the intelligent control system, all modules are of even wearing, which prolongates the service life of the whole system.
  • Convenient installation
    • The installation surface area is 50% less compared to traditional machine.
    • No need for specialized machine room. It can be installed where it is convenient and suitable.
    • No need for concrete basement and foundation bolt
    • Compact design provides convenience for handling which saves up the handling expense.
    • Each module are connected to the main pipeline in parallel by quick joint, which is easy for assemble and disassemble.


Information :


Application :
Shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, schools, military bases, residential districts, industrial workshops, etc.


  • Modular water cooled water chiller (A type)
  • Modular water cooled water chiller (B type)
  • Modular water cooled water chiller (C type)
  • Modular water source heat pump (B type)

Capacity range:

  • Heating:135 KW~2500 KW
  • Cooling: 130 KW~ 2400 KW

- Optional :

  •  You can choose our standarized models or require us to provide csutomized models for  client's specific application.