Screw type water source heat pump/water cooled water chiller

- Brief introduction :

Product features:

  • Unique design
    Big temperature difference design. Save water flow of source water.
  • Reliable operation
    Imported famous brand scroll compressor is used, along with first class assembly parts so that the whole unit is of great performance and reliable operation with service life of 10-15 years.
  • Energy saving and high efficiency
    Specially designed shell and tube heat exchanger provides high efficiency of heat transferring and convenience for cleaning. Electronic expansive valve can adjust  capacity according to the load change timely.
  • Cooling plus heat recovery
    Sanitary hot water is available according to client's requirement both in heating and cooling mode. If the demand of hot water is big, the cooling water circuit can be changed into hot water circuit while the cooling capacity remains the same.
  • Convenient operation
    Touch screen operation pannel, all operations is realized by one click.
  • Strict manufacturing control
    All manufacturing process are done by advanced manfacturing equipment and controlled by ISO9000 quality management system, including all outsourced parts. The finished units are all 100% tested according to relevant standards before shipment.

Information :



Shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, schools, military bases, residential districts, industrial workshops, etc.


  • Standard screw type water source heat pump
  • Standard screw type water cooled water chiller

Capacity range:

Heating: 420 KW~1920 KW

Cooling: 380 KW~1850 KW

- Optional :

  • You can choose our standarized models or require us to provide csutomized models for  client's specific application.