Waste water source heat pump

- Brief introduction :

Why to utilize treated waste water?

Since 21st century, the global energy crisis becomes more and more severe day by day. According to the research document, the exploited life time for energy reserves on the earth is:

Coal: 60 years

Oil: 40 years

Natural gas: 60 years

There are also substitute energy like: solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, air energy etc, while the utilization of the energy has some limitation and restricted conditions.

Therefore a better utilization of treated waste water is no doubt a good choice.

Information :



Industry with big amount of waste water discharge, buildings with access to treated waste water, etc.

Capacity range:

Cooling: 400 KW~1660 KW

Heating: 380 KW~1577 KW

- Optional :

  • You can choose our standarized models or require us to provide csutomized models for  client's specific application.