Modular Air Source Heat Pump

- Brief introduction :

Product features:

  • Flexible combination
    Client can choose to buy modules based on the needed cooling/heating capacity or on the investment budget. It is easy to increase the capacity in the future by adding more modules.  
  • Reliable operation
    Imported famous brand scroll compressor is used, along with first class assembly parts so that the whole unit is of great performance and reliable operation with service life of 10-15 years. Each module is able to run independently therefore the whole system won’t be stopped when some modules are under regular maintenance. No need for back up units.  
  • Energy saving and high efficiency
    Intelligent control system can adjust the capacity according to the actual needs of the buildings by turning on/off the running modules to make sure that all running modules are in full capacity. This can save up to 20% energy compared to traditional mechanical adjustment system.  
  • Sanitary hot water
    Heat recovery technology is applied. It recover the heat of the discharge gas to produce sanitary hot water. This technology not only increase the utilization of energy but also reduce the impact to environment.  
  • Efficient defrosting
    High efficient defrosting technology is adopted. The defrosting time is short and the intervals are long so as to avoid the bad influence to heat pump while defrosting.  
  • Intelligent central control

Information :

Application :

Shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, schools, military bases, residential districts, industrial workshops, etc.

Area with low moisture and limited water resource.


  • Modular air source heat pump
  • Modular low ambient temperature air source heat pump
  • Modular air source water chiller
  • Air source heat pump water heater
  • Low ambient temperature air source heat pump water heater

Capacity range:

Heating: 59 KW~150 KW

Cooling: 55 KW~ 136 KW

- Optional :

  • You can choose our standarized models or require us to provide csutomized models for  client's specific application.