Controlling System

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- Application :


Controller features:


The controller is specially designed for central air conditioner, which is stable, reliable and with full functions.

  • Error protection for air conditioner. It can display the reason for errors and can record the latest error information and times of the error, which is helpful to analysis the instability of the machine and to take quick counter measures.
  • Advanced touch screen technology is applied. The reaction of the touch screen is very nimble. The service life of one point is up to 1 million click times.
  • Easy access to see the actual temperature of the monitoring points and to change the temperature settings.
  • Operation instruction manual is attached for client’s reference.
  • In the touch screen, there are 3 led indicators:
    • Red indicator: “on” means there is power supply. “Twinkling gently” means in the status of screen protection.
    • Green indicator: “on” means the machine is running. “Off” means the machine is stopped.
    • Yellow indicator: “Twinkling quickly” means the machine is with problem. “Off”  means the machine is in good condition.
  • Chinese and English language is available. Color line screen or monochrome screen is optional.
  • Reserved SMS control function can realize controlling via SMS. The function is optional upon client’s requirement.
  • Reserved PC monitoring system: client can use a converter by adding a PC software to realize PC monitoring.

Installation attentions:

  • The external pipeline should be installed with support to avoid the weight of the pipeline deforms the inside part or break the sealness of some units.
  • 1 meter from cooling water pipes and chill water pipes, a hole should be opened to install a 3/8 inch copper tube for putting temperature sensor. The tube should be filled with better for anti corrosion.
  • In the outlet pipe of chill water, a water flow switch should be installed and “off” point should be set when the water flow is less than 80%.
  • The circulation water quality should be in accordance with relevant air conditioner design regulation.



Advantage :

  • The system is applicable for controlling maximum 6 modules. It can work locally or remotely with a PC via converter. It can also be controlled by SMS (SMS control function needs to be activated).
  • The controller uses embedded microprocessor, which makes the operation fast, stable and reliable.
  • Main board is adopted SMT craft with tight structure, low heating and strong anti-jamming.
  • Big LCD display to be clear, have a strong solid effect in displaying grey pictures and friendly interface is easy to read and operate.
  • Self-diagnosis ability to shoot hardware error with redundancy trap software skills to combine WATCHDOG for anti-interference.

- Optional :