Your Chosen:Sump Pumps are Important

To dig a hole for a sump pump pit isn’t that difficult, but does require some smart planning and good preparation to make sure it is done right. The location you choose for a sump pump pit is important. One of the things to keep in mind is the sump pump pit should be in an area that is common for flooding. The lowest part of the basement is where the sump pump pit should be installed. The water that is to be bailed from the pump needs to travel outdoors at least ten feet in distance. So it is very important to put the sump pump pit near a wall when being installed in a basement. Keep the pump at a distance from at least 8 inches from the basement structural wall and away from footings. Make sure that the drainage is flowing away from the septic system or the sewer. By allowing this to happen will be against the law. Make plans for the location before doing anything else to avoid difficulty later.

The size of the hole for the pump should be at least 2 inches in diameter and approximately 2 feet deep. This will allow ample space for pipes and water storage. For the size of pump you need isn’t that important as how much horsepower you will need for the size of the house. How much water that will accumulate estimates the amount of horsepower needed.The consistency of the soil needs to be taken in for account of where would be the best place to put the sump pump pit. Many places in the

United States, the soil has traces of clay. Clay makes it difficult for drainage of water from the sump pump. Clay also has a tendency to expand which is not ideal for the drainage of the pump. Try to locate a place where the soil has a sandy type of consistency for the drainage to be easier. Placing the pump in a place for easier access is also important. So if repair needs to be done later, it will be easier to get to the pump for repairs it needs and also for maintenance.

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