Industrial Products and Instruments Used in the Medical Industry

Since many of the instruments used in the medical industry are designed to be disposed of after a single application, plastics are heavily used. They typically require industrial products that can be injection molded or cast in plastic into the appropriate shape. Using the syringe example, the barrel, body, and plunger of the hypodermic are injection molded plastic pieces. Mold and die cast plates are constructed out of stainless steel to conform to the FDA standards of cleanliness for medical usage. In this case, there are no material alternatives.

Another huge product demand for medical supply companies is the latex glove. Ubiquitous in hospitals and doctor offices, they are produced by molding as well. Latex, rubber, or nitrile is used as the raw material that is then treated to become a liquid and laid over a cast of varying standard hand sizes. The liquid is allowed to cool and then washed, after which it is dried in a vacuum, which requires vacuum generators and ejectors, in order to remove solvent fumes. It is then sterilized and ready for use.

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