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Water source heat pump in heating eliminates the need for coal, gas, oil boiler system, however, no combustion process, to avoid the smoke, sewage and other pollution; cooling while eliminating the need for cooling towers, cooling towers to avoid the noise, mold contamination and water consumption. Therefore, water source heat pump unit operating without any pollution, no burning, no smoke, no waste, wastewater, waste gas and dust, no urban heat island effect, very friendly to the environment, is an ideal green environmental protection product.Water source heat pump heating system, air conditioning, but also for domestic hot water, use of a machine, a system can replace the original boiler plus air-conditioning of the two devices or systems. Especially for simultaneously heating and cooling requirements of buildings, water source heat pump has obvious advantages. Not only saves a lot of energy, and uses a set of equipment can meet the requirements of heating and cooling, reducing initial equipment investment. The total investment amounted to only 60% of the traditional air-conditioning system, and easy to install, installation less than traditional air conditioning systems, installation time is short, change the installation is also easy. Water source heat pump can be used in hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, schools and other buildings, a small water source heat pump is more suitable for villas, residential heating, cooling.Water temperature is relatively stable throughout the year, far less than its range of fluctuation of air changes in water temperature more constant, which makes theheat pump more reliable, stable, and also to ensure the system's efficiency and economy;-wide computer control, automatic high. Because the system is simple, parts unit less stable and therefore low maintenance costs, long service life.


Source: Waste Water Source Heat Pump  Heat Pump